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Companies have a certain need for information, which arises from the companies vision. This need manifests itself in two ways. Information is created within the organization and information is collected from sources outside the organization.

  • Policy
    – Procedures
    – Guidelines
    – Control framework
  • Accountancy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Requirements
  • Reports
  • Corporate identity
  • Marketing expressions
  • Commercial break
  • Internal communication (letters, notes, email)
  • Personal data
    – NAWT
    – M/F
    – Marital status
    – Children
    – Etc.etc.
  • Contracts / agreements / policies
  • Social. media data
    Email addresses
  • Claims / Complaints
  • Passwords
  • Legislation
  • Industry information

DigiTrans investigates where improvements are needed, helps in making choices regarding these improvements and ensures that agreements are met during the implementation period. Furthermore, DigiTrans helps assigning responsibilities and looks at which storage needs are- and are not met. Storage requirements are reflected in retention periods. For example: operational-, legal-, historical- (heritage) and scientific interests.

By means of a standard methodology it is made clear whether the information need has been represented in the information policy, whether the policy is available, and whether the policy is sufficiently propagated by the company. Next to this, DigiTrans examines if the policy takes into account current laws- and regulations, but also any future legislative changes.

  • How the company is managed
  • What conventions are used
  • The existence and use of standards
  • Comply with current laws- and regulations
  • Who the stakeholders are and how responsibilities are organized